Black Wings announced


News from PS Publishing: ‘Black Wings, a new volume of Lovecraftian horror edited by leading Lovecraft schola S T Joshi and featuring the following stories and [...]

Newcon 5 is postponed


From the organisers of Newcon: “Regretfully we’re obliged to postpone Newcon5 (26-27 Sept 2009) until 2010 at a date yet to be fixed. The reason is [...]

Amazon comments on book pricing


Not fantasy, as such, but this story has implications on how our favourite books are marketed and sold. From The Bookseller: “ has denied that it is [...]

From the land of Tir Na Nog


Warren Paine used to publish titles under the DNA imprint (which included the news magazine Science Fiction Chronicle [founded by Andrew I Porter, who came over to Fantasycon [...]



David Sutton, one of the BFS’s founder members, has joined the bloggoverse (or whatever is the correct terminology). His latest posting comments on the so-called [...]

Aetherica is cancelled


At Fantasycon last year I picked up a leaflet about Aetherica, a fantasy convention scheduled for June 2009, in the fair city of Chester, especially since the GOHs included [...]

The 2009 Edgar Nominees


The Mystery Writers of America recently announced the nominations for the 2009 Edgar Awards. These can be found on their website. The MWA also announced that their 2009 [...]

Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #27


Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #27 presents an entire novel – Operation 1848, by Mike Schultheiss – and includes two short stories: “Orchid Strangelove and the [...]
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