Past Magazines

From time to time the BFS has published other magazines to complement Prism and Dark Horizons. Here is a listing, complete up until the publication of Silver Rhapsody (1996), from which this information is taken.

Cover of Winter Chills 3


Peter Coleborn edited and produced two issues of Winter Chills in the BFS booklet series before the title took on a life of its own. (Winter) Chills contained fiction, poetry and artwork with a dark-fantasy edge. From issue 5, Chills was edited by Peter Coleborn and Simon MacCulloch. A lovely selection of covers from the magazine can be found at Phil Stephensen-Payne’s brilliant website, Galactic Central.

Winter Chills 1

(BFS booklet no. 9) 1987. 90p. Cover by Dallas Goffin.

Winter Chills 2

(BFS booklet no. 12) 1987. £1.00. Cover by Dave Carson.

Winter Chills 3

1989. £1.50. Cover by John Stewart.

Winter Chills 4

1990. £1.50. Cover by Martin McKenna.

Chills 5

1991. £1.80. Cover by Charles Doughtery.

Chills 6

1992. £2.00. Cover by Allen Koszowski.

Chills 7

1993. £2.50. Cover by Martin McKenna.

Chills 8

1994. £2.75. Cover by Bob Covington.

Chills 9

1996. £3.00. Cover by Jim Pitts.

Chills 10

1996. £3.00. Cover by Russell Morgan.


MYSTIQUE: Tales of Wonder

Mike Chinn launched Mystique in 1989, with the sub‑title Tales of Wonder, in order to provide the BFS with a magazine that would give a balance of fiction, to cover fantasy (heroic and otherwise), science fiction and adventure yarns that were not included in Chills.


Cover of Mystique 5

Mystique: Tales of Wonder

(BFS booklet no. 13) 1989. £1.00. Cover by Steve Jones.

Mystique 2

1989. £1.50. Cover by Jim Pitts.

Mystique 3

1990. £1.50. Cover by Alan Hunter.

Mystique 4

1991. £1.80. Cover by Bob Covington.

Mystique 5

1993. £3.00. Cover by Alan Hunter.

Mystique 6

1995. £3.00. Cover by Bob Covington.



Bookshelf was produced and edited by Peter Coleborn, with contributory editor Jo Fletcher, to keep members informed of new books during a period of crisis for The Newsletter (before David Howe took The Newsletter’s helm). Bookshelf (later Fantasy Bookshelf) then became assimilated into The Newsletter.


Bookshelf 1

1991. Cover by Alan Hunter.

Bookshelf 2

1992. Cover by Jim Pitts.

Bookshelf 3

1993. Cover montage by various artists.

Bookshelf 4

1994. Cover by Roberto Schima.

Bookshelf 5




Edited by Dave Sutton. 1994. Priced £3.99. This marked the 20th anniversary of the renowned Shadow magazine (1968 to 1974). Although not a BFS publication, it was issued to members as part of that year’s subscription. Cover by Jim Pitts.



Two indices were issued for the BFS Small Press Library (which is now housed in the National Science Fiction Library; Liverpool University).


1984/84 Catalogue

Compiled by Keith Walker; edited and produced by Stephen Jones. Cover by Alan Hunter.

1990/91 Catalogue

Compiled by Nick Walker; edited and produced by Paul C Hiles. Cover by Jim Pitts.