Blind: a Shira Calpurnia Novel (Warhammer 40,000), Matthew Farrer

Review by Steve Dean

In the darkness of space is the Bastion Psykana, a huge space station filled to the rafters with telepaths. These are the folk who transmit messages and stuff across the galaxy with their mental abilities. When the head telepath is bumped off unexpectedly, Arbites officer (sort of special branch in space), one Shira Calpurnia, who happened to be passing, steps in to investigate.

There’s a bit of detectivating (I just made that word up!), a gun fight or two and some psychic shenanigans and good ultimately triumphs.

That, I’m afraid, is pretty much it. Yes there are believable characters, the writing is good and the slim plot is at least logical and does work. Okay, there’s a subplot revolving around the fact that Ms Calpurnia was on her way to her own trial, but it’s mostly redundant. I think it all comes down to whether you buy into the whole psychic thing or not. If you don’t you’ll hate it!

Having said that, it’s not a bad novel, it works in its own way, but when compared to other Black Library stuff it doesn’t make the grade.

The Black Library £6.99. This review originally appeared in Prism.