Could a story save your life?

Well, could it? That’s what it asks on the back of the proof copy in front of me. Anyone who read Scarlett Thomas’s terrific The End of Mr Y, here’s a treat. Our Tragic Universe is published next month by Canongate in both hardcover (£12.99) and trade paperback (£10.99) formats. For just £2.00 extra I’d buy the hardcover…

 â€œIf Kelsey Newman’s theory about the end of time is true, we are all going to live forever. But for Meg – locked in a dead-end relationship and with a deadline long-gone for a book that she can’t write – this thought fills her with dread.

Could there be an important connection between a wild beast living on Dartmoor, a ship in a bottle, the science of time, a knitting pattern for the shape of the universe and the Cottingley Fairies?” Best read the novel to find out.