Dead Girls Act 1 announced

Murky Depths has announced Dead Girls. Act I: The Last Of England, by Richard Calder with artwork by Leonardo M Giron. This will be a full-colour, numbered, limited-edition hardback, signed by author and artist.

“Dead Girls, the graphic novel – currently serialized in the award-winning magazine Murky Depths – is Richard Calder’s adaptation, and radical re-imagining, of his 1992 cult cyberpunk novel of the same name. Act I: The Last of England collects the first four episodes, and includes previously unpublished scenes and artwork. Dead Girls is chiefly set in Bangkok, and is heavily influenced by manga, anime, and Asian cinema.

Meet Primavera Bobinski – just one of many adolescent females that a Viral-Nanotech plague is turning into cyber-dolls, or Dead Girls. Meet Iggy Zwakh – a Doll-Addict, strung out on the narcotic, vampire-like kisses by which Primavera and her kind infect human males and replicate themselves. Together, these two wild, teenage runaways are set to cut a bloody swathe through the mid-21st century, from London to Bangkok, forever seeking out some place where love survives and a boy and his doll might be together.”

‘Dark, edgy and inflected with just the right degree of lyricism.’ — William Gibson

‘A dark, disjunctive fairy tale for our jaded and wired times.’ — Mike Carey

Meanwhile, Murky Depths #15 is now available for £6.99. You can buy online from the MD website.