Dead of Light available as an ebook

Chaz Brenchley has announced the ebook edition of Dead of Light (for a mere $4.99), the prequel to BFS award-winning Light Errant. Chaz says: “It’s been out of print for years, and I’ve been mad keen to bring it back, so when the nice people at BVC approached me I practically bit their fingers off. BVC is an author’s cooperative intent on finding new ways to connect readers with written work, in this new age.”

And about the book: “When Benedict left home, it was maybe the first time he’d stood up to his family. It was also meant to be the last. No contact, he said, I’m disinvesting. In all honesty, they weren’t sorry to see him go. Ben had never had their talent, never had the family spark. When you run a city — especially the way the Macallans ran theirs—the last thing you need is a reluctant passenger.

But suddenly Ben’s learning a lot, far more than his university course could ever teach him. And as his family starts to die one by one — vicious, gruesome, horrible deaths — the chief lesson is that you can’t turn your back on blood. There’s someone in the city with as much talent as the Macallans, and Ben’s connected after all. It’s there in his body, it’s in his veins; and be it thick or thin, be it still pumping or leaking out, blood is very much darker than water…”

To buy this ebook visit the Book View Cafe website. Chaz says you need to register but that means you can download further copies for free.