Frankenstein in London

Coming next January: Frankenstein in London by Brian Stableford (Black Coat Press $20.95.):

“1823. Thanks to the technique discovered by Victor Frankenstein, it is now possible to resurrect the dead. Many competing factions now plan to use such technology to reshape the world. Scotland Yard Superintendent Gregory Temple is forced to team up with Victor Frankenstein and the vampire Count Szandor against a secret cabal of Illuminati led by Joseph Balsamo. Meanwhile, in Haiti, a resurrected Napoleon faces the zombie armies of Marie Laveau…

Frankenstein in London is the third volume in a prodigious Alternate History saga which embraces the works of Mary Shelley, Paul Féval, Alexandre Dumas and others, written by Brian M. Stableford, an acknowledged master of the genre, author of the critically acclaimed The Plurality of Worlds.” 

Cover art by BFS member Danni Serra. Click here for more info on Black Coat Press.