From the pages of Fortean Times

Mike Chinn reports: In the latest issue of Fortean Times (FT262), there’s an item on the album Beloved Aunt – which uses tapes from hypnosis sessions covering what is possibly the first alleged “alien abduction”: Betty and Barney Hill. The artist behind this album is Suzanne Barbieri who, long-time BFS members will recall, used to be a regular at Open Nights and is the author of the BFS publication Clive Barker, Mythmaker for the Millennium. Suzanne has also worked with Michael Marshall Smith, Steve Harley, Jakko Jakszyk and Porcupine Tree; whilst husband Richard has been a member of bands Japan and the aforementioned Porcupine Tree. And yes, the Society does get a mention.

On top of that, there’s a chance to win a DVD of Robert Lloyd Parry’s one-man show A Pleasing Terror, based on two MR James tales’ The Mezzotint and Canon Alberic’s Scrapbook. All those who caught Mr Lloyd Parry’s A Warning to the Curious at the WHC in March know exactly what to expect.