Gnosis, Philip Gardiner

Review by Craig Lockley

Subtitled The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed, Gnosis follows on from Gardiner’s previous works, The Shining Ones and The Serpent Grail (which he co-authored with Gary Osborn).

For those familiar with books such as The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail, you’ll know the formula, author picks apart various religions in order to prove some proposed theory. Gnosis differs from other such books I have read in that it is totally convincing.

The book basically suggests that various religions and secret societies have hidden away a great revelation as to the true nature of the Temple of Solomon.

Covering many aspects such as serpent cults around the world (repeating much of what has been covered previously in The Serpent Grail), the Hindu practice of attaining enlightenment known as the Kundalini, various clues found in the bible and other religious texts, goddesses around the world and their connection and secrets held by Freemasons and other less known secret societies.

Gnosis is very detailed in its explanations but the book flows and drags you along with it. Gardiner is evidently very passionate about his theories and reading this will make you want to pick up his previous works. (As I have!)

Highly recommended for fans of The Da Vinci Code who want to learn a little more than fictional ramblings. Rumour has it that Dan Brown’s next book is related to the Temple of Solomon so watch out for more alleged plagiarism lawsuits!

William Ernest Publishing, £14.95. This review originally appeared in Prism.