Lebbon’s Last Exit for the Lost

Last Exit for the Lost by Tim Lebbon (with a brilliant Les Edwards cover) is available soon from Cemetery Dance. Their website says:

“From multi award-winning and New York Times bestselling writer Tim Lebbon comes this huge collection of the very best of his short fiction. His first short fiction collection As the Sun Goes Down (Night Shade Book), attracted rave reviews. Now, Last Exit for the Lost collects the best of Lebbon’s output from 2000 to the present day. Weighing in at over 560 pages and containing 150,000 words of fiction, it also features two brand new, never-before-published stories: the novelette The Evolutionary, and the novella Nothing Heavenly.

Lebbon has been described as ‘…the most exciting voice in the horror genre since Poppy Z Brite and Bentley Little’, ‘…the most exciting new name in horror for years’, and ‘…one of the very few genuinely talented British writers of thought-provoking horror and dark fantasy’. If you’re brave enough to step through this Last Exit, you’ll see why…”

This collection comes in two signed editions – limited and a tray-cased letter edition of 26 copies.