Michael Shea’s COPPING SQUID – Pre-orders available

COPPING SQUID and Other Mythos Tales


Edited with an introduction by S.T. JOSHI



“The light-crowned bridges, the long, dazzling shorelines––these seemed for all their expansiveness a trivial, weightless decoration, a constellation of fireflies hanging between the abyss of night above, and the oceanic gulf below. And that gulf breathed, as the sea always breathes, but this respiration thrummed with an added presence almost as titanic as the waters themselves, filling those waters with a darker, mightier will than their own, a lurking purpose, the waiting hunger of Something that wore the ocean like a garment.”

––from “Dagoniad”

Rocked by the gentle sea, the City sleeps; but its dreams are not its own…

With eight psychotropic visions of damnation and transformation in the urban coral reef of San Francisco, COPPING SQUID forms a mosaic of otherworldly menace shot through with glimpses of awe-inspiring majesty: of invisible outsiders and self-medicating seekers whose desperate prayers and hidden rituals lead them to behold their alien reflections in the all-seeing eyes of the secret masters of creation.

With the deceptive ease and streetwise enlightenment of a weird storytelling master, Michael Shea fearlessly sounds the unplumbed depths of the Cthulhu Mythos to witness visions from which traditional cosmic horror has always averted its dark-adapted gaze.

Contents: “The Battery,” “Tsathoggua,” “The Presentation,” “The Pool,” “Copping Squid,” “Dagoniad,” “Nemo Me Impune Lacessit,” “Fat-Face.”

Available in quality illustrated hardcover and a signed, limited edition with distinctive jacket art: October 28, 2009