Midnight Street #13

Review by Steve Dean

This is the final edition of Midnight Street, as a paper edition. The next issue onwards will only be available as a PDF download available ‘for a small cost’ according to the editorial.

But back to this issue, and we have the usual mix of stories, articles, poetry, planet dodo, and an interview with Gord Rollo. Story wise, we have the usual eclectic mix favoured by the Editor, a variety of tales covering Horror, Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction and Slipstream, although I would say the balance this issue is split between horror and slipstream.

My favourite story is the opener, Under Glass by Joanne Shemmans. A young woman who has just split with her boyfriend sits in a cafe and studies her reflection in the glass. I was expecting this story to end in one or two different ways, but no, the author found another one! Well written with a good and very suitable ending.

White Wall by Tim Nickels is the most original, and the kind of story unique to this publication. It revolves around a man obsessively painting a wall, and says much about the human condition! A nice antidote to all the blood and gore stories.

Immediate Direction Publishing, edited by Trevor Denyer, www.midnightstreet.co.uk.