Outer Darkness, Bart Brevik

Review by Colin Leslie

Outer DarknessImagine Wheatley’s The Devil Rides Out written by one of those TV evangelists you find when you are looking for the other channels. That is how Outer Darkness comes across.

It’s the story of Rev. Jim DiMario and his really nice family who run a nice church, full of nice people but are surrounded by evil. You know the sort of thing, people who believe in evolution, who have abortions, who swear, are Gothics (sic) etc. As if that wasn’t bad enough a group of Satanists move into the area and set about trying to destroy Jim and his family. Not to worry though, despite the Satanists having a genuine copy of the Necronomicon (really!), Jim has God on his side.

The book reads like a Dan Brown novel, short chapters, pacy plot, characters telling you what they are doing and why. It’s easy to read but it doesn’t work. In order to create a sense of evil we need to see real evil but most of the really nasty stuff is hidden away, unlike the frequent extremist preaching. So unless your religion is in line with the author’s I think you will be as disappointed as I was.

Outer Darkness, Bart Brevik, published by Bart Brevik, £15.68.