Sons of Dorn, Chris Roberson

Review by Steve Dean

Sons of DornThe Imperial Fists space marines are recruiting. Instead of a major leafleting campaign and some adverts on the telly, the Imperial Fists land in a war zone and grab some likely lads, asking for volunteers before drugging them and taking them aboard ship. Three recruits, one from each side in the war, conveniently, end up being trained together and going off to guard a planet that has been attacked by the forces of Chaos. It all goes pear shaped of course, and the lads are thrown in at the deep end.

It’s competent enough, well written and very workman like. The characters are well formed and three dimensional, the plot all works and mostly makes sense. It’s good enough to take its place among others of its kind where it will fit in nicely.

Unfortunately it won’t stand out in any way. There’s no spark of originality here, no angle or spice to make you take notice. It’s just another Warhammer novel.

To sum up, and in my opinion, you won’t think you’ve wasted your money, if you’re a fan of the Black Library, but I challenge you to pick it out from a line up after about three months.

Sons of Dorn, Chris Roberson, The Black Library, £6.99.