The Adventures of Brin #1–3

Review by Jenny Barber

The Adventures of Brin is the name of a new(ish) comic-type zine produced by an imaginative chap called Tim Brown. Fortunately enough, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the first three issues. Brin is an elf with an uncanny knack of getting into trouble.

He inadvertently finds an amulet which, of course, leads him into the strangest of situations. There are some purely chucklicious jokes in the various issues, such as Quantum Leap take-offs and the fabulous ‘Mystic Stones’ who really ought to have their own series and, apparently, the January edition of Comic World awarded this comic the month’s prize for ‘most bad puns in one comic’. I second that motion with no hesitations at all.

Edited by Tim Brown.

This review was originally published in 1995, in the March/April issue of the BFS Newsletter (#19.2).