The Bone Mill now available

The Potteries,1829. It’s a harsh world and nowhere is it harsher than at the Bone Mill, where animal bones are ground down to be made into fine china. It’s a stinking world of foetid carcases, clanking machinery and tough men. This is Joseph Ryder’s world. A teenage orphan, Joseph lives hand-to-mouth, keeping one step ahead of the workhouse. And he’s trying to contact his dead mother through his landlady and medium, Gerda. When offered a chance to earn a few extra shillings, Joseph jumps at the chance and is soon dragged into the deadly sideline business at the House of Recovery with the slimy local anatomist. Joseph is soon embroiled in a life of crime from which there seems to be no escape.

The Bone Mill by Nicholas Corder is available from Emerald Publishing for £5.99 plus p&p. Corder is an OU creative writing tutor with credits including non-fiction books, articles and several stage plays.