The Gemini Factor due soon

Due to be published at WHC on 28 March: Paul Kane’s The Gemini Factor (Screaming Dreams). This is from the PR: “It’s a miracle, pure and simple. The miracle of twin birth. But in the city of Norchester, being a twin also marks you out as a victim. Because someone is killing them and stealing their body parts. It’s up to Inspector Roy Mason and his Sergeant, Deborah Harrison, to track down the culprit before they can strike again. Their only lead? A man whose own twin was brutally murdered by the killer. A man whose brother is now helping him from beyond the grave.

From the imagination of award-winning author Paul Kane (The Lazarus Condition, Peripheral Visions, RED, Arrowhead and Broken Arrow), comes a powerful novel, a supernatural whodunnit unlike any other – in which the very laws of the serial killer procedural are turned on their head. A novel which holds a mirror up to our very souls and asks us just who we are. You might not be quite ready for the answer…

The novel comes with an introduction by bestselling author Peter Atkins (screenwriter of Hellraiser II-IV and Wishmaster, author of Morningstar and Moontown) and brilliant cover artwork from Steve Upham.”