The Horror Stories of REH

From the Subterranean Press website: “The UK based small press Wandering Star issued glorious editions of Robert E Howard’s work, including The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane, Bran Mak Morn, The Ultimate Triumph, as well as two volumes of Howard’s Conan tales. We’re deep into the work on The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard, the latest edition in the series. This time around, Greg Staples has helmed the black-and-white illustrations, and contributed a number of full-color plates that will be exclusive to our edition. At this point, the book is fully designed and proofed, needing only one final pass through the index, while the signature sheets are en route to Greg for signing. Limited: 750 numbered copies, signed by the artist, housed in a custom slipcase: $150. Deluxe: 50 numbered copies, signed by the artist, bound in leather, housed in a leather slipcase: $400.”

For the completist, perhaps.