The John Jarrold Literary Agency has been very busy these past few months. Here is a list of JJLA titles so far scheduled for 2009. Debut novels marked (*)

January: Twelve – Jasper Kent (Bantam UK) supernatural historical novel*; Dragon in Chains – Daniel Fox (Del Rey US) fantasy novel

February: The Rise of the Iron Moon – Stephen Hunt (Harpercollins UK) fantasy novel; Principles of Angels – Jaine Fenn (Gollancz UK) SF novel*

March: The Adamantine Palace – Stephen Deas (Gollancz UK) fantasy novel*; The Court of the Air – Stephen Hunt (Tor US) fantasy novel; Thieving Fear – Ramsey Campbell (Virgin/Random House UK) horror novel

April: Kethani – Eric Brown (Solaris US/UK) SF novel; The Red Wolf Conspiracy – Robert VS Redick (Del Rey US) fantasy novel*; The Sweet Scent of Blood – Suzanne McLeod (Gollancz UK) supernatural thriller*

May: Consorts of Heaven – Jaine Fenn (Gollancz UK) SF novel; The Red Wolf Conspiracy – Robert VS Redick (Gollancz UK) fantasy novel*; Return of the Crimson Guard – Ian Cameron Esslemont (Bantam UK) fantasy novel

June: Nights of Villjamur – Mark Newton (Macmillan/Tor UK) fantasy novel; Xenopath – Eric Brown (Solaris US/UK) SF novel

July: The Cold Kiss of Death – Suzanne McLeod (Gollancz UK) supernatural thriller

August: The Rats and the Ruling Sea – Robert VS Redick (Gollancz UK) fantasy novel; Red Claw – Philip Palmer (Orbit US/UK) SF novel