THE PACK: Winter Kill

   “FBI training prepared Special Agent Angela Wallace for drug dealers, serial killers, and terrorists, but not this…

The Pack is a new supernatural thriller series to be published by Evileye Books with Winter Kill.

   “For generations, the northern Minnesota mountain region has been a haven for peaceful hikes and breath-taking scenery. But when tourists suddenly turn up dead, FBI special agents Angela Wallace and Brian Shilling are called in to investigate, only to discover that the murders may be part of a deadlier, supernatural mystery.

The Pack series of horror fiction and graphic novels tells the story of the Tylers, a close-knit family trying to deal with their supernatural legacy in an ever-changing world.

Winter Kill picks up two years after the events of Werewolves: Call of the Wild, a comic miniseries from Moonstone Books. A prose book, it was released for the Kindle on Halloween and in trade paperback in December.

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Book 2, Chimaera, will be published as an original graphic novel in 2010.

Source: Mike Oliveri