The return of the Voidal

If you recall the Voidal, Adrian Cole’s fantasy “hero”, very much in the mould of Elric, you will be thrilled to learn the following (I am!). The final two volumes of the Voidal sequence (The Sword of Shadows and The Long Reach of Night) are soon to be published by the Wildside Press – along with a revamped volume one (Oblivion Hand). Also due soon is Adrian Cole’s new fantasy novel Night of the Heroes.

“Throughout all universes and dimensions, a great darkness is gathering, forging itself into a monstrous force bent on an all-consuming path of destruction. Against this impending cataclysm stands one man – the enigmatic Voidal, creature of myth and legend, and with him a small band of reluctant followers, themselves god-cursed renegades…”

These books are a welcome treat for heroic fantasy fans.

Source: Adrian Cole. The news doesn’t yet appear on the Wildside website