The Wolven by Alexandra Sokoloff

“Danyon Stone is leader of the west-bank wolven pack, so he takes it as a point of honor to find the killer who’s taken out two of of his wolves and is soon carving a bloody path through the city’s werewolves. But that means working side by side with Shauna MacDonald, Keeper of the werewolves of New Orleans and the one mortal woman who can get through to the man inside the wolf. Together they search for a killer strong enough to murder a werewolf at the height of his powers, trusting no one except each other with the secrets of their pursuit and the brunt of their suspicions. Will that choice prove fatal? Or is it the inevitable and perfect result when two soulmates find each other at last?”

The Wolven part three of the Keepers trilogy, by Alexandra Sokoloff is out next month on Harlequin.