Titanicus, Dan Abnett

Review by Steve Dean

TitanicusWhen the vital forge world of Orestes is invaded by Chaos titans, the Imperials send their own titan legion in to counter-attack. For those who don’t know, Titans are skyscraper sized war robots, usually bi-pedal but sometimes four legged. These killing machines play havoc with the local masonry of course, flattening entire districts in their savage battles.

Meanwhile, a researcher finds a document that seems to suggest that the gods worshipped by the Imperials and the Mechanicum are two different things. The Mechanicum withdraw their support and suddenly the Titans are struggling to beat the Chaos robots. Throw some lost cadets and some dispossessed into the mix and we have a cracking story.

Despite the material, this novel is about people. You want killer robots? You got them aplenty. But inside those metal structures, and around them, under them, everything they had destroyed by them, are the people. Not just military types, but innocents caught up in a war that must be fought, but one that might wipe them all out anyway.

How much did I like this book? Well, I bought it, with my own money, in hardback! I can’t give it greater critical acclaim than that.

Titanicus, Dan Abnett, The Black Library, £7.99.