To Kill a Tsar, coming soon

St Petersburg, 1879: “A shot rings out in Palace Square. Cossacks tackle the would-be assassin. In the melee no one notices a striking dark-haired woman in a heavy coat slip away from the scene. Russia is alive with revolutionaries. While Tsar Alexander II remains a virtual prisoner, his ruthless secret police will stop at nothing to unmask those who plot his assissination. For Dr Frederick Hadfield, these are dangerous times. Drawn into a desperate cat-and-mouse game of undercover assignations, plot and counter plot, he risks all. To Kill a Tsar is a gripping thriller set in a world of treachery. Andrew Williams is a BBC documentary director and author of two non-fiction books.”

To Kill a Tsar by Andrew Williams (nominated for CWA Steel Dagger and Ellis Peters awards) is published by John Murray on 15 July 2010 as a hardback, at £16.99.