Two Silverbergs

Subterranean Press Announcement: the press has two new Robert Silverberg titles on our schedule later this year. The first, The Palace at Midnight, is volume five of his Collected Short Stories Series, and, at over 150,000 words, the longest of the volumes thus far. This one focuses on the early 1980s, and includes such now classic stories as “The Pope of the Chimps”, “Basilisk”, the Majipoor novella, “Thesme and Ghayrog”, and ultimate giant lobster tale, “Homefaring”.

Limited: 150 signed numbered copies, bound in leather and cloth: $65
Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover copies: $35

The second Silverberg offering is truly special. The Last Song of Orpheus is a 30,000 word novella, his longest work in over a decade, which is one of his most remarkable accomplishments, a resonant recreation of one of the central myths of western civilization.

Limited: 200 signed numbered leatherbound copies: $45

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