Vampire State Building, Unholy Collection

Review by Whispering John Carter This review of a five-track German Import Maxi CD was originally published in the January/February 1995 issue of the BFS Newsletter (Vol. 19, No. 1)

Trev Bamford, ex band member of Goth band Every New Dead Ghost, and now the driving force behind new Goth/Industrial music project Midnight Configuration also runs a neat little mail order music business. One of the gems in his latest catalogue is the CD mentioned above.

This little baby is sure to become a collectors item in a couple of years time. The packaging is unique, really impressive. The CD comes in fold-around cardboard box, with a striking E.C. comics type illustration as a cover. Unfold the box and discover the goodies within.

Inside is a fold-out poster of the band, a black and white photo and (this bit’s a doozy) a mini stake complete with (fake, I presume) vampire blood! Plus of course the maxi CD itself.

As to the musical content, I suppose it could be loosely termed `Horror Punk’. It certainly rips along. Influences include The Dammed, Screaming Dead and 45 Grave. The track listing is as follows: Roadkill, Open Windows, Deep Inside, Jonathan and The Horla.

I dip my cap to the band members’ stage names as well. May B. Dead, Tommy Favourite, Reverend Riza and Pete 9. Yep, I reckon, if nothing else this foursome should be in the running for the most original band name if nothing else.

So, if you’re into vampires, Gothic type things or just some different kinds of music – maybe looking for a “pressie” for that special mate you can’t think what to get, give this baby a try.