Visitants edited by Stephen Jones

Now available: Visitants: Stories of Fallen Angels & Heavenly Hosts edited by Stephen Jones (Ulysses Press $14.95):

“In the Darkness, Something Wicked Spreads its Wings. The eternal battle between fallen angels and their Heavenly counterpoints plays out daily here on Earth. Without warning, ordinary people find their lives forever changed by the intervention of divine beings. But meddling with the living does not always go according to plan and the angels themselves fall under an all-too mortal spell-longing for love or thirsting for wicked revenge.

With stories from such world-renowned authors of fantasy and horror as Michael Bishop, Ramsey Campbell, Neil Gaiman, Graham Masterton, Robert Silverberg, Michael Marshall Smith, Lisa Tuttle, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Jane Yolen, Visitants presents a breathtaking collection of stories in which Heaven’s hosts reveal themselves on Earth and fallen angels struggle toward final redemption.”

More information on, and order via, the Stephen Jones website.