Warhammer: Dominion (Book Two of the Von Carstein Trilogy), Steven Savile

Review by Steve Dean

Vampires, what can you do with them? Can’t live with them, can’t shoot them. As you may have gathered I’m not a big fan of the whole neck sucking, bat impersonating, daylight intolerant thing. And what’s with the formal wear? Just because you only go out at night doesn’t mean you can only wear top hat and tails.

Anyway, to the book. The aforementioned and some necromancers have raised an army of corpses, as you do on a quiet weekend, and gone aviking across the lands. The humans and dwarfs and such form armies of their own to defend freedom, justice and liberty for the rich.

Woven over this background is a fairly involved plot involving individuals and their own personal war, and inter-racial, army and vampire politics.

Despite not being a big fan, and I must admit to a certain amount of skipping (collective intake of breath!), I found this book worked very well. The horror is horrific, the politics on both sides realistic, and the characters, good and bad, true to themselves.

Overall then, a different slant on the vampire mythos, and a true horror story in the old sense of the word.

Strangely, this novel wasn’t to my taste at all, but, and maybe because of that, I would have no hesitation in recommending it to those who are fans of the genre.

£6.99. This review originally appeared in Prism.