Wildside Press is pleased to announce the holiday release of three much-awaited new titles!

HUNTING THE SHADOWS: THE SELECTED STORIES OF TANITH LEE, VOL. 2. The second half of the magical short-story collection by Nebula and World Fantasy Award winner Tanith Lee! The author of epic and provocative novels like The Silver Metal Lover and The Birthgrave, Lee has also been one of the top stars of the modern-day Weird Tales magazine, elegantly juggling literary personae from Gothic poetess to adventure-fantasy chronicler. Hunting the Shadows features such unforgettable stories as “One for Sorrow,” “Doll Skulls,” “Antonius Bequeathed” and “The Persecution Machine.” (Note: Vol. 1, Tempting the Gods, is also still available.)

BLACK HOUNDS OF DEATH: THE WEIRD WORKS OF ROBERT E. HOWARD, VOL. 9. Robert E. Howard lived a tragically short life, but in that time he penned some of the most influential genre fiction of the 20th century. This ninth volume of his Weird Works collection features all-time classic stories from late in Howard’s life, including the final Conan story, “Red Nails”; the fantastic story-poem “Solomon Kane’s Homecoming”; the controversial Southern swamp-horror tale of racial strife, “Black Canaan”; and “Dig Me No Grave,” a story based in H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. (Note: our previous Howard volumes are also still available.)

SHERLOCK HOLMES MYSTERY MAGAZINE #3. Featuring “A Volume in Vermillion,” by Kim Newman, plus more fiction by Bruce I. Kilstein, Darrell Schweitzer, Stan Trybulski, Hal Charles, Jean Paiva, and Peter King. Plus: “Notable Holmesian Paperback Pastiches & Other Oddities” by Gary Lovisi, “Meet Nero Wolfe” by Bob Byrne, Mrs. Hudson’s Household Hints, and the classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle reprint “The Adventure of the Speckled Band.” (Note: issues #1 and #2 are also still available.)