Atomic Fez books available on Kindle

The entire Atomic Fez catalogue is now available to purchase directly through the Kindle store, right on your “Whispernet-equipped Kindle or Kindle DX”. Click here to visit the Atomic Fez website, where you’ll find the  links for the individual titles on the Amazon website. All are priced at at least 50% less than their paper twins. As the Fez sez, “you get to save the cost of shipping and avoid the guilt associated with the destruction of our wood-based living friends!” Atomic Fez titles are:

The Terror and the Tortiseshell by John Travis, The Beautiful Red by James Cooper, Twisthorn Bellows by Rhys Hughes and Wicked Delights by John Llewellyn Probert. Atomic Fez books were previously announced on the BFS website here