Atomic Fez: price reduction

News from Atomic Fez: “As of this moment, all Atomic Fez electronic book prices have been permanently reduced by 33% of what they were earlier. This applies to electronic books purchased through Amazon’s Kindle Stores (Amazon.comCLICK HERE to view Atomic Fez books in the USA Kindle           Store (new tab or window) or and, as well as the multi-file *.ZIP archives purchased directly through the Atomic Fez site.

The price for any book is just $6.99 (with the exception of the brand-new, very slim Ponthe Oldenguine by Andrew Hook which is only $4.99). As always, prices for Atomic Fez electronic books are significantly lower than the printed editions, and now e-books represent a savings of anywhere from 65% to 82.5% of the cost for their paper siblings.”