Catch-up Time with Atomic Fez

Ian Alexander Martin, the proprietor of Atomic Fez, says that the press is “entirely filled with joy to declare the following points of incredible wondrousness”:

“The winner of the World Horror Convention contest where the lucky soul would have a ‘wickedly delightful champagne breakfast with the author of Wicked Delight; was Stephen Bacon. Author John Llewellyn Probert, his Lady Kathleen, and the publisher joined Mr Bacon at the Radisson Blu Hotel and enjoyed a selection of croissants, jams, breads, and the fine champagne recommended by the ever-so French manager of the lounge.” For details on Probert’s Wicked Delights go here.

And speaking of Wicked Delights: the initial printing has entirely sold out. The book is now being simultaneously re-printed on both sides of the Atlantic, thereby reaching its third reprinting in less than as many months.

Also having substantial sales, and thus necessitating a reprint is The Terror and the Tortoiseshell, John Travis’s début novel about a feline private eye and based around H L Menken’s The Terror having actually happened.

Other recent Atomic Fez publications worthy of your attention are: Twisthorn Bellow by Rhys Hughes and James Cooper’s The Beautiful Red. Cooper, according to Peter Tennant in Black Static is ‘one of the most promising writers to emerge from the small press in recent years’.

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Meanwhile, Ian Alexander Martin was interviewed on the Midlist Writer blog. The interview was split into two parts, here and here.