Gray Matters

News from the Gray Friar Press.

“First up, our latest book is now in stock and shipping. The Catacombs of Fear is John Llewellyn Probert’s sequel to the ridiculously addictive The Faculty of Terror. These books (which I hope will form an ongoing series) are Amicus-style horror film anthologies in prose. Five wicked stories linked by a deliciously fiendish framework tale. It’s the most fun you can have without hurting yourself.

Secondly, some news relating to the proprietor: Gary Fry’s first collection of short stories The Impelled and Other Head Trips didn’t really get the start in life it deserved. However, the original publisher has recently ceased trading and has bequeathed the files to Gray Friar Press, so now the book – with intro by Ramsey Campbell – is re-available at an uttely absurd half-price of just £5.00.

Bargains: the Gray Matter novellas – Conrad Williams, Steve Vernon, Nicholas Royle – are proving popular and we’re happy to encourage folk to collect them. Each is numbered and the whole set is now made more affordable by our reduced prices on multiple purchases. Check the website for prices on all Gray Friar books.

Gray Friar Press has signed up the Catacombs author to provide regular film reviews to a new page on the website. So join John Llewellyn Probert in his Catacombs of Fear.”