Halloween approaches at PS Publishing

To quote from PS: “Hey, we’re excited. And who could blame us. We’re counting down to the new website and we’re all very excited, in fact… particularly Paul, cos it’ll mean we’re going to be letting him leave the house again. [If I haven’t developed chronic agoraphobia due to excessive screen-time, natch. – PGR] But it’ll all be worth it, just wait and see. And you won’t have very long to wait.

The current steam-driven PS Publishing website will quit creaking and groaning, and be closed down for good sometime on Thursday 28 October. Paul is aiming to load up a countdown page that’ll sit there until we open up the new site for business… and that will happen on Hallowe’en. And from there on in… well, you’re on your own.

To mark the launch of the new site, we’re running an entire week of special offers that we reckon will pretty much blow your mind… seven day-long deals involving free books and a cumulative prize at the end of it all that’ll reward the three top customers (and those, dear Chauncy, are the ones who shell out the most loot in our direction – hey, you think we’re in this for the benefit of our health?) with major prizes. And we really are talking major here.”

To discover more migrate over to the PS website.