Wildside Press: Thousand Book Giveaway!

Dear readers:
Anyone who's been following Wildside Press knows we've been in business for more than 20 years now. In all those years, we've published more than 10,000 different books. In the early years, we used to just warehouse the books in the publisher's basement. And there they would sit until sold.
Well, there are still some copies sitting there after all these years. And the publisher's wife has decreed that the time has come. ALL MUST GO -- OR ELSE! (What the "or else" is, we don't dare contemplate!)


So, we’ve decided to give a lot of them away. More than a thousand books, in fact. Here’s the deal: Every time you buy a Wildside Press book with a price of $10 or higher, we’ll GIVE YOU A FREE BOOK from the vast basement stockpiles, up to a maximum of five. That’s right, buy five Wildside Press books at regular prices ($10 or up) and we’ll give you five more from the list below. Just detail your choices in the comments section of our online order form at www.wildsidebooks.com — plus some alternates, in case we run out — and number your choices in order of preference. We’ll do our best to give you your first choices. (If we run out and you didn’t list alternates, we reserve the right to substitute something else just as good as your first choice.)
Anyway. Some of these books are signed. Some are limited editions. Some are slipcased. Others are leftovers from conventions. They may not always be in 100% perfect mint shape. (After all, they’ve been through two household moves and been shuffled in and out of boxes for convention sales.) But we guarantee they’re worth every penny you’re not paying.
Here’s the list . . .
THE CONSCIENCE OF THE BEAGLE, by Patricia Anthony. Her first-written science fiction novel. It came out from Ace years ago; we did both a hardcover and a trade paperback before the Ace edition. It’s a fast, exciting SF read: Terrorist bombings rock the colony planet of Tennyson, and only Major Dyle Holloway’s crack investigative team stands a chance of solving the crime. We’ll give out the hardcovers first, then the trade paperbacks. 
THE WHITE MISTS OF POWER, by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Signed, numbered, slipcased edition of her very first novel. Originally published at $40.00. The only storyteller in the history of fantasy/science fiction to win one Hugo Award for writing fiction and another for editing, Rusch here brings us a dynamic fantasy of magic, manners, and intrigue. Two travelers, unbeknownst to the other, both set out to journey to the palace of Kilrot: a brash bard with a mysterious past, and the heir to the throne who’s been prematurely declared dead…

NIGHT, by Alan Rodgers. This is a great horror novel, originally published in mass market paperback by Bantam Books. We did a signed, numbered limited hardcover edition — bound in black, with white or yellow title stamping. Original price was $35.00.

IN THE FOREST OF FORGETTING, by Theodora Goss. The incredible debut collection from the World Fantasy Award-winning short story writer! In these postmodern gothic fairytales, we meet such unforgettable characters as Miss Emily Grey, a sort of dark Mary Poppins who exists to grant children their hearts’ desires — often at a high price. Hardcover.

THE TARZAN TWINS, by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Yes, it was Burroughs’ first YA novel! Twin cousins of the Lord of the Jungle are summoned to Africa to join their legendary relative and his Waziri warriors — but when they get lost along the way, adventure follows! Our edition features a new intro by Mike Resnick, too. Trade paperback.

IF WISHES WERE HORSES, by Anne McCaffrey. A magical YA tale by one of the great masters of modern fantasy! Young Tizra and her twin brother Tracell find their world abruptly changed when their father is unexpectedly called to fight in a war which promises to last much longer than the usual three-day skirmish. Their mother, the village healer, enlists the kids to assist her in caring for the conflict’s refugees. Paperback.

SPICY ADVENTURE STORIES, December 1939. The famous “Spicy”pulp magazines of the 1930s and 1940s are among the rarest and most sought-after publications by collectors, featuring a titilating mix of fantasy, horror, mystery, action-adventure, and suspense, punctuated by episodes of torture, sadism, sex, and other risque elements. This issue includes stories from Robert Leslie Bellem, Lew Merrill (Victor Rousseau), Hugh Speer, Ken Cooper, Clayton Maxwell, Clark Nelson, and Harley L. Court.

— John Betancourt