Warhammer – Valkia The Bloody by Sarah Cawkwell. Book review

WARHAMMER – VALKIA THE BLOODY  by Sarah Cawkwell, The Black Library, P/B, £7.99

Reviewed By Steve Dean

The eponymous Valkia starts life as the daughter of a tribal chieftain of one of many northern tribes.  Life is harsh, death is common place and sexism stalks the land. Spoiled by her father, Valkia plots and schemes her way into power, and eventually takes charge of her tribe, mainly through deceit and back-stabbing.

Her lust for power doesn’t stop with her tribe, and soon she is raiding other tribes and taking the women and children into her own. A fateful meeting with a tribe who worship the blood god Khorne sets her off again, and soon no one is safe.

To be blunt, there’s nothing to like about this book. From the front cover that pretty much gives away the ending, to the last blood-filled page, there’s nothing here but violence and death. There are no characters to cheer for, they’re all amoral murderers to a person. The story has no pace or passion, it’s unoriginal, pointless and ultimately empty.

I can’t help feeling this novel was designed purely to sell miniatures and rule books, in other words just a long advert. I have nothing against tie-in novels, but this is a step too far.

Overall, this is one of the worst commercial novels I’ve ever read. BL really need to do a re-think on this one.