A Haunting Of Ghosts by Maynard Sims. Book review

A HAUNTING OF GHOSTS by Maynard Sims, Enigmatic Press, h/b, £10, www.maynard-sims.com

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

This limited edition, numbered hardback book contains six ghost stories from the writing chimera Maynard Sims.  These have been inspired by, and written in the style of traditional English ghost stories such as The Woman In Black.

The majority of these tales are told from the viewpoint of two widowers, Pulford and Priestley, who meet and exchange tales.  As the traditional style dictates, much of the spookiness is inferred, and left to the reader’s imagination to fill the gaps.

In the first, “The Man Who Wore The Wrong Coat”, Pulford and Priestley (or the “two P’s in the pod” as their wives called them in happier times) discuss the tale of Anthony Noble over fine port and a pair of Ramon Allones Cuban cigars.  After Anthony Noble’s uncle passes away, he is asked to help put his affairs in order.  He soon learns of a chapel constructed in their grounds that is linked to a number of mysterious deaths…

As with any Maynard Sims work, the prose is delicately crafted and beautifully delivered.  At times, it can feel a little instructional as they wax lyrical about Cuban cigars or Scotch whisky, but this doesn’t detract from the storytelling.