A Kill in the Morning. Book review

by Graeme Shimmin
Bantam, p/b, 384pp, £7.99
Reviewed by Matthew Johns

 It’s 1955, but things are not quite as our history books teach us.  Churchill died 14 years ago, and Europe is still occupied by Nazi Germany.  The Germans are experimenting with strange technologies, and only a nameless British assassin and a beautiful young resistance fighter can prevent the end of the world.

There seem to have been a profusion of books in recent years that play with the timelines around the two World Wars, and while this one does a similar thing (arming Nazis with flying saucers, time travel and alien technology), Shimmin’s prose makes it work.  Snappy dialogue resounds throughout, and the Second World War is brought to cold, brutal life within the pages of his book.

A Kill In The Morning is cleverly written, and the twists in the plot (and in time) will keep the reader glued to the pages and wanting more.