Acapulcalypse Now. Book Review

Robinson, p/b, 320pp, £8.99
Reviewed by Matthew Johns

If you’re ever invited to a new hotel that’s been built using an actual ancient Mayan temple, filled with ancient Mayan weapons and artefacts, funded by a shadowy businessman who is descended from a similarly shadowy businessman who built occult churches and subterranean passages in London several hundred years ago, I’m fairly confident that most people in their right minds would be likely to reject the invitation. However, in a good bit of zombie apocalypse fiction, the characters are never that smart.

Naturally, the rich and famous, as well as the poor and the criminal flock to this fantastic new hotel to be seen in what should be the latest hot spot on the coast of Acapulco. However, when strange flies start biting guests and the guests start behaving erratically, some of the guests begin to regret their decision to go literally loco in Acapulco.

This is a classic piece of zombie apocalypse fiction – full of evil-doers, plots to bring about the end of the world, bad guys who repent for the remainder of their inevitably short lives, poor life choices, and people with a total inability to recognise a zombie when they see one. A thoroughly enjoyable romp, that nicely sets up the next instalment in this franchise.