Accident. Film Review


Director: Joseph Losey     

Screenwriter: Harold Pinter (from the novel by Nicholas Mosely)

Starring: Dirk Bogarde, Stanley Baker, Michael York & Jacqueline Sassard

Certificate: PG   

Running Time: 100 mins#]

DVD & Blu-ray

Reviewed by Guy Adams

Given the potency of The Servant, one might expect this, a reunion of Dirk Bogarde, Harold Pinter and Joseph Losey, to struggle in the former’s impressive shadow. Far from it, Accident actually manages to outshine it.

Bogarde plays Stephen, an Oxford don who is struggling in his middle-age. His closest friend is one of his students (Michael York) a constant reminder of the youth he has lost and the social class he will never belong to. When Stephen develops feelings for another student, Anna (Jacqueline Sassard), he begins to truly realise the impotent man he has become, outshone in his career by his rival, Charley (Stanley Baker) and adrift in a life he can no longer connect with.

Bookended by a car accident outside Stephen’s home both Stephen (and, reluctantly, the audience) begin to realise that this tragic event may present an opportunity.

Accident is a complex, layered movie that offers Bogarde a central character who is both sympathetic and yet unforgiveable. Like The Servant before it, it creeps under the skin and begins to itch.

Studiocanal are bringing the film to Blu-ray for the first time (as well as a DVD re-release) with an attractive selection of special features (both exclusive to this release and ported over from previous versions). The restoration adds to the timeless quality of the film, ensuring it can be viewed at its best, a powerful and witty study of broken men and the effect they have on those around them. Yet another essential purchase this month.

Released April 8th