ACHTUNG! CTHULHU – GUIDE TO THE PACIFIC FRONT by Dave Blewer, Bill Bodden, Alex Bund & Lynne Hardy, Modiphius Entertainment, Pdf & p/b, 126pp, £17.99.

Reviewed by Steve Dean

This is an expansion to the Achtung! Cthulhu material previously released, going with the Keeper’s (GM’s) and Investigator’s (players’) Guides of the same name. It’s written to be used with both Call of Cthulhu 6th edition and Savage Worlds rules.

If you aren’t sure what Achtung! Cthulhu is, or don’t know if your Front is Pacific or not, both of them are covered in the book, the latter in some detail.

Chapter one gives us a chronological run down of those fateful days, for any who might want a reminder.

Chapter two provides details of the physical and social state of Japan shortly before and during the war.

Chapter three gives more details on the political state of the wider area, Asia, Australia, etc.

Chapter four is treatise on the often brutal regimes the military and civilian POWs often lived, and died, under.

Chapter five lists some possibilities for creating characters, including hindrances, and civilian and military occupations.

Chapter six is the hardware chapter, a menu of weapons and vehicles a character might need to stay alive while moving around.

Chapter seven provides information on a specific part of the war in that area; island hopping. What it meant, how it was done and what to expect, etc.

Chapter eight is where you’ll find all the beasts and monsters that put the Cthulhu in the Achtung!

Chapter nine is artefacts, spells and tomes chapter, things that might save your life and simultaneously drive you bonkers.

Chapter ten is a list of all the (self) important British, Japanese, Chinese and American big shots.

Chapter eleven gives the Keeper some adventure seeds and chapter twelve is the further reading chapter. And finally there’s a map.

It would take more space than I have to do a more complete list of the masses of detail in this volume. There’s enough here for even the most ravenous to get their teeth into. The artwork is good, and fits in well with the theme. The presentation is well up to Modiphioususus’ usual standard.

Overall, another excellent, detailed, well thought-out presentation. Keep up the good work peeps!