Achtung! Cthulhu – Keepers Guide to the Secret War. RPG Review

ACHTUNG! CTHULHU – KEEPER’S GUIDE TO THE SECRET WAR by Chris Birch, Dave Blewer, Bill Bodden, Alex Bund, Russ Charles, Adam Crossingham, Lynne Hardy, Kenneth Hite, Sarah Newton & Matthew Pook, Modiphius Entertainment, h/b, £27.99,

Reviewed by Steve Dean

This volume is the companion to the Investigator’s Guide, but for the GM, or DM if you prefer. We have the two rules systems side by side, whether you use Call of Cthulhu or Savage Worlds, it’s covered here. Personally, I feel the CoC rules better suit the setting, being more true to the Chaosium feel. You just know your character is going to be dead or bonkers by the end of the campaign.

We kick off with a fairly detailed chronology of the second World War and a few decades previous, including some of the stranger events that allegedly took place. Chapter two does the same thing for the third reich.

Chapter three details the various armed forces involved in the conflict, with stats for various individual types of soldier, again in CoC and SW formats.

Chapter four lists some of the more secret organisations, resistance movements and even German intelligence.

Chapter five is a fairly detailed list of individuals and organisations of an occult nature, with stats for some of the key figures involved.

Chapter six is a list of equipment; tanks, planes, vehicles etc, all the way down to shotguns, and some special stuff.

Chapters seven and eight deal with combat between vehicles, like dog fights and strafing runs, for CoC and SW rules respectively.

Chapter nine gives us a few spell books and weird artefacts, and chapter ten is a list of individual spells.

Chapter eleven is a bestiary full of nasties, and chapter twelve a detailed list of important people and places, including stats.

Chapter 13 gives us some adventure seeds, and chapter 14 is a quick play guide, a reference list of the places to find things in a hurry. And finally chapter 15, which is resource guide.

Overall, it’s well presented, with a thick hard cover, decent paper and printing, good layout and style. It runs to 288 pages, most of it crammed with info. The price is a tad high for my liking, but you could potentially get many years of game play out of it. That this product, like most of the Modiphius stuff, was written by gamers is obvious. A lot of work and passion has gone into this book, and I can thoroughly recommend it.