Alien RPG: Chariot of the Gods by Andrew E.C. Gaska

Chariot of the Gods by Andrew E.C. Gaska, Published by Free League/Modiphius, £7.65

Review by Seth Stauffer

*Potential spoilers ahead!

Included in Alien’s core rule book is a short introductory adventure to help acclimate people to the game. However, Free League has a one-shot available for purchase, Chariot of the Gods. This first official published adventure for the game is a great step into Alien’s the horrific world.

The plot is perfectly tuned for Alien’s Cinematic rules, as well as the overall franchise. Everything is organized well, and there are great notes for how to have the adventure unfold at the gaming table. The appendix has everything supplemental the players will need, and the maps are clear and easy to understand. The mission itself is succinct, and prep for the Game Mother is minimal. There are even ready-made threats available to be sprinkled into the adventure as needed to tweak the game session. Having a menu of stressors on hand also means that the mission can be run different ways if someone wants to use it more than once. Additionally, there are pre-generated characters for the players to choose from, as well as a means of introducing more NPCs into the adventure if needed. This one-shot also makes use of the great PvP rules in the core rule book.

Surprisingly, there are no Xenomorphs, and that was a little disappointing. Opinions will differ, and maybe Free League felt Xenomorphs were too predictable, but this would have been a better second publication. Granted, Hope’s Last Day in the core rule book does feature Xenomorphs, but the first published adventure should have carried forward what was in the core book, just as Aliens flowed directly from Alien. As an introductory adventure, this doesn’t disappoint.  It incorporates a wide variety of rules, and makes running the game a snap. Underhanded corporate agendas drive a story that puts a lot of lives at risk for private profit. There is danger everywhere, and the mission doesn’t pull punches about putting PCs in perilous predicaments. The mission is tightly written, and running it shouldn’t be a challenge. However, it’s unfortunate that the star creature of the franchise doesn’t make an appearance in the game’s first published adventure. Aside from lacking the original aliens from the franchise, this is a great way to begin Alien the RPG.

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