All the dead things by Simon Paul Woodward. Book review

ALL THE DEAD THINGS By Simon Paul Woodward, musingMonster Books, p/b £6.99, ebook £0.77,

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Stan is just your average thirteen year old boy.  Lives with his mum, likes to hang out with his friend, Kalina and plan making their very own zombie movie.  And he can see monsters that no-one else can.

Stan and his mum move around a lot – since his dad died (Stan saw him killed by a monster in a supermarket), they move on a regular basis, with the only constant in his life his psychiatrist who tries to convince him that these monsters don’t exist.  The only problem is that he’s seeing more and more of them, but they don’t realise he can see them.  He finds himself trapped in time, reliving the same day over and over, trying to avoid being found by the monsters, and trying to work out why they are looking for him.

Woodward manages to capture the rebellious teenage spirit of Stan and his best friend Kalina well, and weaves around them a captivating world filled with bullies and monsters against the backdrop of Stan and Kalina’s never-ending attempts to make a zombie movie.