Alt-Zombie Edited by Peter Mark May. Book review

ALT-ZOMBIE Edited by Peter Mark May, Hersham Horror Books, s/b, no price stated

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Another collection from the publishing house that brought us Alt-Dead, this has a good selection of zombie mayhem in the 22 tales held within its pages.

Many are excellent, if standard zombie apocalypse fare, but there are other more unusual zombie tales worth checking out.  The opening “Thus Spoke Lazarus” asks what if when Jesus brought Lazarus back to life, he didn’t come back entirely as he was?  Instead he becomes the father of a race of zombies decimating Israel.

Then there’s the gold-digging young man willing to ignore his date’s odd appearance and behaviour as he mistakenly believes her to be a rich heiress in David Williamson’s “Blind Date”.  Taking her to a zombie movie on their blind date may have been a mistake…

In R.J. Gaulding’s “Ultimate Ana”, we find that some girls are so desperate to get that skinny look that they use an underground website devoted to bulimia and size-zero actresses to become “Ultimate Ana” through zombification.

An excellent collection of well-written tales, whether you’re a fan of zombie fiction or not this is definitely one to seek out and enjoy.