Assassin Queen. Book Review

ASSASSIN QUEEN by Anna Kashina
Angry Robot. p/b. 528pp. £8.99
Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins

Kara is free. No longer Majat. No longer tied to Prince Kythar in anything other than loyalty to what is right and in friendship. Feelings have been much clarified, if not resolved between herself and the prince, nor between herself and Aghat Mai.

The Kaddim and perhaps others close to the Majat are still a threat, and Mai’s new standing as the Majat Guild Master has placed even more burden on his young shoulders. His personal feelings for Kara and Kyth may have to come second, if only slightly so, to his duties and obligation. But Kara’s greatest strength may become her greatest weakness when she becomes the Kaddim’s target once again. Will it be Mai, or Kyth, or indeed either of them who can save her this time?

Assassin Queen is the third instalment in the Majat Code series and Kara very much takes back centre stage in this volume, with events centred on her struggle with the Majat’s Kaddim enemies. Kashina once again delivers a highly enjoyable story, if a little sentimental in this volume with much of the focus placed on the developing relationships among the key characters.

After such a protracted and often intense lead up to the events in this book, its ending feels somewhat too soon in the coming. Each hurdle looms and is overcome and Kara is propelled onto the next with no time for she or the reader to fully come to terms with the latest consequences and there is, therefore, not enough time for the reader to fully digest or empathise with her situation.

That said, it is easy to understand why The Majat Code saga has received such praise and has won an award. The story is satisfying, the characters very easy to like and there is enough excitement and incentive to keep the pages turning.