Attack of the Werewolves. Film Review


Director & Screenplay: Juan Martinez Moreno

Starring: Gorka Otxoa, Carols Areces, Secun de la Rosa, Mabel Rivera

Running Time: 97 mins

Certificate: 15

Reviewed by Guy Adams

The only problem with this movie is its marketing. Which, luckily, is where I step in. The press notes and generic English title (the original is Lobos de Arga/Wolves of Arga, which isn’t much better I suppose and, like the UK title, could be classed as a spoiler…), give you no indication of the movie’s tone. Having missed much of the discussion surrounding its festival appearances, all I knew when pressing play was that it was Spanish and involved werewolves. Attacking.

All of which is true but, depending on your frame of mind, this could have led to disappointment because Martinez’s movie is a fairly broad comedy more than a horror movie. It does catch up in the latter regard during the final third but laughs are always the main goal, something the original Spanish promotion made only too clear (“a beastly comedy” shouted the poster, a colourful and jolly looking affair).

None of which should be held against the movie itself as, after a slightly shaky start (which may have been due to my mental gears shifting as much as the movie itself) it’s fun, inventive and grotesque. The effects are pleasingly low-fi (hair and prosthetics rather than CGI) and, just as you’ve happily given up on doing anything but laughing, it cranks up a gear and delivers a solid, exciting climax.

It’s great fun and heartily recommended, hopefully the slightly misleading way in which it’s presented to UK audiences wont damage the success it deserves.