Babylon 5 RPG 2nd Edition Expansion: Bounty Hunter, Bryan Steele

Review by Steve Dean

As with the original book, this one is very well presented. It’s full colour from cover to cover, contains photos taken from the television series, border art, and each page has a unique watermark. Overall a very good looking book, and one others should seek to emulate.

But what of the contents? Grab yourself a cup of tea and I’ll tell you.

Joining the Hunt, describes how to move into your chosen career as painlessly as possible. It starts with a twenty questions type panel to see if your character has what it takes mentally and physically to become a bounty hunter.

Equipment and weapons are covered in Tools of Target Acquisition (or “Aquisition” as it says very prominently on every page, whoops!) This includes such essentials as guns and armoured coats, various surveillance bugs and a selection of devices to stop your target escaping.

Talents of Bounty Hunting describes new feats, skills and prestige classes relevant to the subject.

And finally we have Best of The Best, a section devoted to pre-rolled characters to be used as PCs or NPCs as the GM sees fit.

Overall this is an excellent book, pretty much everything is covered within its ninety odd pages. As far as I’m concerned, this is a much needed addition to the Babylon 5 world. The original is very good, but is more a game of diplomacy. This expansion gives players a few more opportunities to get down and dirty. It’s not at all hack and slash, but I’m sure it will entice more people to play this particular RPG. So this book, at least in my opinion, is a resounding success!

Mongoose Publishing. £15.00.