Blind Woman’s Curse. Film Review

Director: Teruo Ishii
Screenplay: Teruo Ishii, Chûsei Sone
Starring: Meiko Kaji, Hoki Tokuda, Makoto Satô
Running Time:
Certificate: 15
Format: Dual Format, Blu-ray/DVD
Reviewed by Guy Adams

There’s a Japanese restaurant just down the road. It serves an excellent set lunch menu, seven or eight varying courses that come thick and fast as the staff seek to get you fed and then clear the limited seating for the next customers. It’s all about variety and speed.

BLIND WOMAN’S CURSE comes from the same chef. One minute it’s stylised fight sequences, ballets of blood, then it’s broad comedy, then grotesque horror, then gangster movie, love story, revenge picture. By the time you get to the surreal stage show involving a hunchback Rasputin pogoing around a women simulating sex with a dog you’ll think there’s little more on the menu. Actually, you’re only half an hour in.

Akemi (Kaji) inherits a crime gang from her dead father but after accidentally wounding an innocent woman and serving time in prison, she decides to reform. Naturally external forces conspire against her and soon her gang are being knocked off one by one and haunted by a bloodthirsty black cat that would give Poe nightmares.

It’s deliciously absurd, grotesque fun. A pantomime of excess that cannot truly be described, only experienced.

Arrow’s Blu-ray is in excellent shape as always, a little bright in places but I imagine the original print was in need of a fair amount of work. Special features include a commentary from Jasper Sharp, a lavish and informative booklet and a selection of trailers for the equally bizarre-looking STRAY CAT ROCK series of pictures which also featured Kaji.