Bone Quill. Book Review

BQBONE QUILL by John and Carole E. Barrowman

Buster Books, p/b, £6.99

Reviewed by Rebekah Lunt

Having previously reviewed the first book in this series, Hollow Earth (HERE), I was pleased to receive this sequel. Now I’ve read it I’m even more pleased, given that it is a serious improvement on the first, with most of the issues I identified ceasing to be a problem.

The sequel continues the tale of Emily and Matt Calder, who are a powerful hybrid of Guardian and Animare, and takes up their story two months after we last saw them. The principal concern of this book is of finding their mother Sandie (also an Animare) who went missing after an attack by the Hollow Earth Society at the end of the last book. This time round, Emily and Matt are developing an understanding of the depth, breadth and applicability of their powers, and how to use these to find Sandie.

Like the first instalment of the story, this one has parallel storylines in the past. Without wanting to give too much away, I found these to be significantly more substantial, crucial to the overall story, and most importantly, interesting to read as compared to last time. In fact, this time around, I found these sections of the book more interesting and engaging than the present-timed sections; although I acknowledge that each needed the other to create the fullest picture.

Again I don’t want to give anything away to spoil your enjoyment, but there is a reveal concerning one character and her abilities which caught me by surprise. I very much appreciated this, as it’s not often this happens when I’m reading, but also because I have a fondness for this character and was pleased to see her imbued with such positive power – very much against stereotype.

Just like the previous book, I found this to be an entertaining and quick read. Unlike last time, I’m hoping it continues in book form rather than switching to screen, and that it continues soon!